Your family doctor is your care specialist

There’s no health care without family doctors

Family doctors play a crucial role in our health care system. They are the only health care providers who can treat every person, at every age, for every condition. They understand you, your family, and your community, and continue training every day to make sure their patients get the very best care. However, the future of family medicine is at risk in Canada.

Fewer medical school graduates are choosing the specialty of family medicine as patient needs become more complex and the costs of running a family medicine practice become more unmanageable. Additionally, many physicians are retiring earlier than planned, partially due to burnout. With fewer family doctors, many Canadians are unable to access a family doctor and the care they need.

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Scope of practice

Family doctors provide life-long care

Find out why your family doctor is your best ally in managing your health.

Range of expertise

Family doctors are highly skilled specialists

Get the full picture on what your family doctor can do.

Better outcomes

Family doctors mean better outcomes for patients

Learn how patient-centred care leads to better health care.

Continuous training

Family doctors keep training for the future

Find out why ongoing medical education and maintaining the CCFP designation are essential for family doctors.

Find a family doctor

How to find a family physician

Discover resources that can help you find a family doctor in your province or territory.